Focus On You  (Gold..)       6Month  CLICK FOR DETAILS

Focus On You (Gold..) 6Month CLICK FOR DETAILS

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Our Gold Package is the ultimate 6 month half year Health package, that really caters to the clients every need. In this package you will Receive......

  • 4 sessions of skype or facetime consults about 30 minutes a piece split up into the 6 month period, with one of our certified nutritionists or health experts giving you a personal regimin catered to your health needs. In this consult you will be able to discuss everything that is going on and recieve support and expert advice with in your health issues as well as dieting and nutritional needs.
  • you also receive 20% off all vitamins and products within marge's choice supplement and products store as well as free shipping.
  • you also will recieve a invitation to Marge's private facebook where she post a monthly video vlog on different topics that may help with seasonal changes diet and activity as well as answer questions that may arise from time to time.


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